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What you Need-to-Know About Eczema in Children

Eczema in children is often developed from contact with irritating chemicals or fabrics. Your baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner than your own, therefore, chemicals in soaps or even certain bubble baths can easily inflame their sensitive skin and lead to irritating rashes that overtime can develop into eczema.

Eczema comes in the form of dry and itchy patches of skin. Depending on your child’s skin tone, these inflamed patches could look red or a brownish purple. If the irritation continues, the severity of the eczema could increase and spread to other parts of their body. As the skin gets drier, the eczema patch can crack and bled. This is where the severity of this skin condition could increase as through the open wound bacteria can enter the skin and cause infections, taking form in painful blisters. Eczema can also take the form of a severe nappy rash, which is ultimately caused by harsh chemicals in nappy products along with irritated, dried out skin.  With summer just around the corner, it is important to keep in mind that heat and sweat can worsen the condition of eczema. Therefore, if you suspect your child is developing a reaction to your current skincare products it is important to address the issue immediately!

The importance of using the right products to soothe your child’s skin is significant to soothe and prevent skin irritation and flare ups.  

Begin by bathing your child in lukewarm water using our ‘Calming Body Wash.’ Formulated with over 80% organic aloe vera and chamomile extract, Lullaby’s baby wash contains the highest quality ingredients that are ultra-gentle and soap-free. Our body wash is the ideal product for any child’s eczema rash as it’s aloe vera based which calms and nurtures aggravated skin.

Next, apply our ‘Heavenly Soft Lotion’ on baby’s face and body, focusing on gently massaging in the light moisturiser as it is applied. This application will be extremely reliving to your child as the cooling sensation will relieve the painful irritation eczema can cause. Lullaby’s beautiful soft lotion contains the highest quality ingredients which are naturally derived to protect and hydrate tender skin. With natural moisturisers such as Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil, this product is exactly what eczema prone skin requires to be nursed back to health. Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E - as your baby absorbs our ‘Heavenly Soft Lotion’ into their skin, the natural oils work to restore any aggravated areas on the skin.

If your child is experiencing eczema in the form of an intense nappy rash – it is important to treat this as soon as possible as the irritation can cause much pain and unhappiness. Lullaby’s  ‘Soothing Nappy Cream’ is a miracle cream for irritation as the pure aloe vera and high concentration of high quality vitamin E creates a calming, gentle sensation. With infection-fighting properties found in the aloe vera base and natural moisturisers containing powerful anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, you can rest assured this product is nourishing the most sensitive parts of your child’s skin.

We all want our baby’s to have the very best start in life. With the use of high quality ingredients in all of Lullaby’s products, families can trust that they will nurture, soothe and protect your little ones sensitive skin.


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