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The Importance of Baby Skincare Routines During Change of Seasons

by Kirsty Gow Gates |

As seasons change and summer transforms to autumn, creeping ever closer to winter, the shifting conditions can cause changes to the skin, especially for babies and toddlers. Here’s what you can expect and how to care for your infant’s sensitive skin during the transition to colder months by implementing a protective skincare routine.

How Do Changing Seasons Affect a Baby’s Skin?

In contrast to the northern hemisphere, countries such as Australia are now beginning to experience the cooling effects of the encroaching winter. Temperatures will begin to drop and the air will become drier and less humid. Whilst it may seem like baby fat could help keep little ones to stay warm, they actually lose heat much faster than adults. Their skin is also thinner and more sensitive than ours, so babies are more likely to be affected by cold and dry weather.

In addition to the autumn and winter climates, quick changes in temperature, such as those experienced when entering a heated building or by being given a hot bath can negatively affect a baby’s skin. Consequently, it’s important to stay aware of this and to take protective measures, such as keeping the heating in your house at a moderate temperature.

Cold Season Baby Skincare Tips

Baby Bathtime Routine

It may seem a little counterintuitive, seeming as water is wet, but bathing babies too much will dry out their skin, which is why bathtime should be kept at a minimum. To promote healthy skin, the water should be lukewarm rather than too hot and try to avoid those long soaks or prolonged playtime in the bath during the winter months. Maintaining this intermittent, brief, and lukewarm bathtime routine will prevent a baby’s skin from drying out by helping it to retain moisture.

baby skincare routines change in season

When it’s not bathtime, a warm washcloth can be used to clean the nappy (diaper) area to ensure that your tot stays clean and hygienic.

Lullaby’s Calming Body Wash for Babies and Sensitive Skin

The deliciously sweet smell of strawberries and cream body wash can be hard to resist, but a baby’s skin is too sensitive for strong chemical fragrances. What’s more, adult body wash often contains parabens, phthalates, sulphate, and other nasties that can irritate and often damage your baby’s skin. Consequently, it’s best to use natural skincare products, including a body wash that excludes harsh chemicals and is specially formulated to care for sensitive skin.

Adding Lullaby’s Calming Body Wash - which is full of natural, gentle, and organic ingredients - into your baby’s skincare routine will cleanse and nourish their skin, without stripping away any moisture. 80% of the soap-free formula is made from organic aloe vera, which has exceptional healing and strengthening properties in order to provide the best care during the change of seasons.

Buy lullaby calming body wash for your baby skincare routine


The Calming Body Wash’s use of natural ingredients also makes it perfect for eczema-prone skin. In addition, the formula includes premium chamomile, sourced only in Australia to ensure every batch is consistent and of the highest quality. This way we can maintain optimal ability to soothe dry and sensitive skin.

Hydration and Diet

Depending on their age, keeping your infant hydrated with breast milk, formula, and/or water helps to keep their skin soft and healthy. With adequate internal hydration, your baby will be better prepared to face the changing conditions of the seasons.

This also applies to their diet, as obtaining all of the right nutrients, including vitamins C & E, omega-3, healthy fats, antioxidants, and isoflavones, is vital for skin health. Whilst all of the essential nutrients are acquired through breastmilk in a baby’s early months, it’s important to introduce healthy produce into their diets once they transition to solid foods.

Baby Moisturiser Routine

In addition to protective clothing, moisturiser is a fantastic barrier against the cold and dry air and also boosts the skin’s hydration level. According to Momspresso, baby oil or lotion should be routinely massaged into babies’ skin 2-3 times daily, including immediately after a bath and during a nappy (diaper) change, in order to provide full protection.

baby skincare routines change in season

Once again, it’s important to use natural skincare products because of the capacity of babies’ skin to absorb chemical nasties. By using ingredients rich in nature’s vitamins, including avocado oil and jojoba oil, Lullaby’s Heavenly Soft Lotion protects and hydrates delicate skin. Ideal for sensitivity, the aloe vera soothes dry, tight, and irritated skin, whilst protecting against the autumn and winter elements - leaving your baby super soft and snuggly.

The lips, cheeks, and hands are often the most exposed parts of your baby, making them prone to dryness and windburn. So make sure you don’t forget to moisturise these areas as well!