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    Finding natural skincare for our little ones that’s gentle, good for their skin, effective and smells delicious can be hard. As adults, we are flooded with choices when it comes to the  best possible products. But with kids, it can be a little trickier to find quality products that don’t cost the earth and that actually work. That's why when we come across a brand that's doing it for the mini-me's we want to report back to you all, stat.
    Say hello to Lullaby Skincare. Even the name has us sighing and suddenly feeling more relaxed!
    Kirsty Gow-Gates created Lullaby Skincare because she couldn’t find natural and luxurious skincare for her children. After years of product testing and a couple of hurdles, Lullaby Skincare was born with its range of aloe vera based products. Having aloe vera based products, rather than water-based products, is the real game changer here, as aloe vera is known for its therapeutic qualities and nourishing and healing properties. Perfect our little ones’ delicate skin.
    The Lullaby Skincare range includes nappy cream, body wash, body lotion and sunscreen and is honestly so divine you’ll be wanting to keep it all for yourself. Plus we're suckers for gorgeous packaging, which this range has in spades. It would make for a really fab gift for a baby shower or a new mama.

    #GIRLBOSS: Kirsty Gow-Gates

    She’s the Founder behind the newly launched skincare range, Lullaby Skincare.
    Lullaby Skincare is a premium and natural skincare line for babies, pregnant women and new
    mothers which is safe, made in Australia and free from harmful chemicals.
    What an absolute pleasure to feature Kirsty Gow-Gates. Thank you for your time Kirsty xx
    Tell us about your business, Lullaby Skincare.
    Lullaby Skincare is Australia’s luxurious pure and natural skincare range for babies and children. The products nourish, replenish and protect delicate and sensitive skin. Our products are 100% Australian made using top quality ingredients derived from natural resources and certified organic when available and safe to use.
    The Lullaby range, excluding the sunscreen, consists of locally grown organic Aloe Vera as their base. The products are not water based, like other skincare products. Our pure Aloe Vera has exceptional nourishing and healing properties. We ensure it is harvested fresh weekly and cold-pressed to retain maximum natural goodness.
    The highest quality raw ingredients are sourced from plantations in the warm sub-tropics of south-east Queensland and farms in the lush countryside of northern NSW. They are sustainably cultivated under optimal growing conditions to ensure plant health and vitality. We do not test on animals…..ever.
    How did the idea come about/what was the catalyst for starting your business?
    As a mother, I found it difficult to find a baby range which is extremely gentle, safe, effective AND looks and smells beautiful. I wanted to use high quality, natural ingredients on my baby’s sensitive skin and be sure the products were stripped of harsh, toxic ingredients. Experts say up to 60% of what goes on your baby’s skin is absorbed into their bloodstream within minutes. Everything that your baby does absorb through their skin has to be processed by their little livers. So why take your chances with any harmful toxins or low quality ingredients?
    Since I couldn’t find a brand I was satisfied with, I decided to create a luxurious baby brand I could trust.
    We all want to give our babies the best start in life. A baby’s skin is much thinner, more fragile than adult’s skin. It is also less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, so it can be easily irritated. It was puzzling to me as to why I could not find a brand with high quality ingredients for precious babies that felt premium. There are natural brands out there, but why couldn’t they look and smell gorgeous too!
    After giving birth to both my babies in hospital, I was very surprised to be expected to bath them in a popular baby skincare brand consisting of harsh chemicals – it really highlighted to me that there were mothers and babies everywhere that were being deprived of beautiful and natural baby skincare out there! I have tried various popular Australian and international brands on both my babies and was always surprised at how dry their skin had become. It was stripping their sensitive skin from their own delicate moisture and actually doing more harm than good.
    How did you get started? What are some of the first things you did to get going?
    During a holiday in Asia, I fell in love with a skincare brand available at a luxury eco-resort which was unfamiliar to me. Knowing I wanted to start my own natural skincare range, I contacted a company which developed the brand and visited them at their head office in Thailand. I travelled back and forth to Bangkok for over a year working with their team to create a range of products for babies and children which I wanted to be natural and gentle for sensitive skin.
    When it was time to have the products licenced in Australia, I met with a reputable representative from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods of Australia). After she reviewed each product with a fine tooth combe, much to my disappointed and surprise, she subtly told me that the products I had hoped to launch in Australia were not as ‘natural’ as I was lead to believe because the percentage of ‘natural’ in each formulation was so small. My heart sank, I wanted the products to be completely transparent and of exceptional quality and integrity, so I knew I had to start again.
    I asked her if she could recommend a reputable company who might be able to help me and she said that in her many years of working and analysing skincare, she felt there was only one women truly talented and focused on skin health, a hidden gem, based in Queensland. She herself, having access at no cost to any skincare product on the Australian market chose to use only products made by her. Her name is Mimi Gyergyak, an experienced skin therapist and lecturer for over 40 years with her own company called Bio Pacific. Mimi’s focus has never been on packaging or marketing, it is about sourcing the most effective and natural ingredients she can find. The stars aligned and Mimi agreed to work with me to help create the formulations for Lullaby which are truly special and natural.
    Her first piece of advice to me was, if I was serious about skincare, to ensure my products were Aloe Vera based – not water based, as is usually the case with skincare products. Working with her over the past 2 years, she is now like family to me, a very special lady with incredible knowledge and dedication to skin health. She is an inspiration and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome for Lullaby’s perfect formulations.
    What has been one of the biggest challenges for you?
    With a new business there are always challenges and teething issues. A big one for me was working with my first packaging supplier in Queensland who was not easy to work with and unfortunately let me down badly – which was a costly exercise for me.
    I had ordered a large quantity of carton boxes for my product range and paid 50% for them upfront, however, when I received them, they looked nothing like the samples we agreed on. Sadly, he did not honour our agreement and I was left with many cartons I was unhappy with! It was challenging communicating with him. I learnt a valuable lesson that it really is important to work with great suppliers you can trust!
    Do you have a typical day? Or any daily/weekly nonnegotiables?
    My day has to start with a coffee – that’s a nonnegotiable! I think any mum can relate with babies – especially teething babies up in the night!
    I am old school and love lists with pen and paper. I start my work day jotting down the daily tasks I need to cover. I carry a notebook with me and I am always jotting down ideas and what inspires me for Lullaby.
    There is no such thing as a typical day. That’s why I love my job. I oversee everything for Lullaby from the creative direction, to trialling new formulations, to liaising with skincare experts, chatting to the media, devising marketing plans to meeting stockists! It keeps me on my toes, despite being super organised by nature. There is always something that needs attention – it’s like have another baby to look after!
    We all have moments where we doubt ourselves, and question if our business is going to actually go somewhere. How do you snap out of these moments?
    Prior to starting Lullaby, I established my PR agency, Exposure PR in 2005. Throughout the years running a business, I have learnt that it is definitely about the team you surround yourself with. I like to work efficiently and its really great to have fantastic support along the way.
    I have three great women associated with the business – my mum who is my best friend, Mimi who is my mentor and Kate O’Connor who is Lullaby’s designer and creative guru (former Global Art Director for Jurlique).
    If I am having doubts, I check in with one of these extraordinary women and it just takes a reassuring conversation or a few laughs to remind me why this is such a special business.
    Have you had a moment when you’ve thought, “yep, I’ve got this!”?
    Yes I love these moments! There is nothing more special and rewarding than that feeling.
    Seeing my range of products for the first time, after years of testing formulations and designing the packaging, just reassured me that they are amazing.
    I use the range of skincare products on my babies everyday and I can’t help but smile to myself after they get out of the bath knowing how amazing the products are for their skin. My babies always smell divine too!
    There is also a mother with an albino baby in Queensland who has tried every sunscreen product available for her little one. She was so nervous to take him outside. When she tried Lullaby’s sunscreen, she was so happy because she said it is the only one that works for her baby. I was so excited to hear that – it feels good to offer a product that really benefits families.
    What has been one of the most exciting and rewarding memories for you?
    Meeting Mimi, who creates Lullaby’s formulations with me. Her knowledge about skin and her passion is truly inspiring.
    Favourite thing about working for yourself?
    My hours are flexible which means I can be available for my babies when I want to be.
    Most importantly, if you could give any advice to females wanting to start their own business yet find it hard to take the plunge, what would you say to them?
    You MUST have belief in yourself and your product, work hard but at the same time have the faith and patience to let go and trust yourself when there are obstacles in your way.
    Do your research – understand your market and why your business would be attractive to people.
    Create your A-Team – surround yourself with positive, reliable people who offer you great support and deliver fantastic results.
    Be kind to people and always be upfront and honest. It’s important to me that I am completely transparent about my products. I want Lullaby to have integrity and to be a brand families can really trust for many years to come.
    The Beauty Bible x
  • BD’s guide to pregnancy-safe mum & baby care, BEAUTY DIRECTORY

    With so much going on during pregnancy, skincare and beauty regimes may fall by the wayside; however, it’s important to know what’s safe for skin both during and after pregnancy. And let’s not forget baby skin as well!
    To make things a little easier, BD has broken down the top skin concerns for mother and baby, and with some expert advice thrown in, here’s our guide to pregnancy-safe mum and baby care.
    Concern: Safe ingredients
    Lullaby Skincare founder Kirsty Gow-Gates understands the pressures to find safe ingredients for baby skincare, saying: “experts say up to 60 per cent of what goes on your baby’s skin is absorbed into their bloodstream within minutes.
    “Babies and children are at greater risk to the dangers of carcinogens (toxic ingredients), and that infants up to age two are, on average, ten times more vulnerable to carcinogenic chemicals than adults; and for some cancer-causing agents are up to 65 times more vulnerable.”
    She notes that key ingredients to look out for and avoid are: Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, PPG’s, Dye, Petroleum, Triclosan, Bisphenol A (BPA), and Formaldehyde Donars. Why?
    ”Chemicals such as preservatives, formaldehyde and parabens used in creams may build up in baby’s skin and disrupt the natural hormones in baby’s body. This may cause growth and reproductive problems as well as disrupt normal endocrine functioning. With the immune system at such an early developing stage, skin rashes may easily be caused by harsh skincare products.”
    Concern: Stretch marks
    Lloyds Pharmacy pharmacist and skincare specialist Jo Carey says: “Stretch marks affect around 90 per cent of pregnant women. This is simply due to the amount the skin has to stretch as the baby bump grows. Nine months might feel like a long time, but in terms of the skin stretching from day one till due date, it is a fast process.”
    There are a number of methods for preventing and/or fading stretch marks, including the use of vitamin E and vitamin C creams, or supplements like zinc and silica. Carey also mentions that while dieting during pregnancy is dangerous, the myth of “eating for two” should be ignored. “If more weight is gained during pregnancy then the skin will need to stretch even more so stretch marks can become more of a problem.”

    Products recommended:
    Plunkett's Vita E Oil
    Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil
    Concern: Dryness
    Gow-Gates also acknowledges that “It is very common that babies experience dry skin. This is most common in babies who are delivered after 40 weeks and it generally improves within days. The main reason for our little ones getting dry skin later on is that they are spending time in air that is either too dry, too cold, or overheated.”
    So don’t panic if your baby is experiencing dryness, it can be easily fixed with gentle, natural skincare. As for mothers post-pregnancy, dryness can be an issue too with dandruff and dry patches being noted as some of the top post-pregnancy concerns. Look out for products with nourishing ingredients like rosehip or jojoba oil.
    Concern: Breakouts
    Hormonal acne is a normal part of pregnancy, but be wary of the products you use to try and cure it. While pregnant, Carey mentions “Vitamin A has been shown to cause birth defects if taken in high doses. The risk is small with cosmetics, but [we] advise customers to avoid vitamin A or retinol products. These ingredients are common in anti-ageing creams so always check the label on these items.”

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