Mama Muse: Elka Whalen

Elka represented Australia as a dual Olympian in the pool and multiple medalist. Her stellar swimming career saw her reach world #1 in her freestyle events bringing home medals from Olympics, World Championships & Commonwealth Games.  Elka lives in Sydney with her husband and four beautiful young children.
  1. How would you best describe yourself?

Encouraging, enthusiastic, a thinker 


  1. What are three things you love most about being a mumma?

The patience it teaches, the joy of their little minds, the miracle they are 


  1. What are three things that inspire you everyday?

Sunrises and sunsets each day 

The freedom to be who I am 

The wonderful people I meet 

  1. What have been the best lessons your little one has taught you so far?

One step at a time 

Deep breaths 

Tickling still makes us all laugh 


  1. What is your favourite Lullaby product and why?

SPF 50+ for delicate skin - we burn easily so it’s brilliant to know it’s covering us in the sun with beautiful ingredients 


  1. Any valuable advice to new mummas?

Don’t listen to advice- you know your bub better than anyone so trust yourself and be kind- it’s not about being the perfect mother but being the mother that loves and takes time for herself and her family x