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'Kirsty Gow-Gates is a game changer. The mother of two has created one of Australia's
first completely natural, luxury skincare ranges for babies and children, Lullaby, and is
on a mission to provide pure skincare for all'. The Delivery Magazine (thedeliverymag.com)

During Kirsty's pregnancy three and half years ago, she found it difficult to find a baby range which was extremely gentle, safe, effective AND looked and smelt beautiful. Kirsty wanted to use high quality, natural ingredients on her baby's delicate newborn skin and be sure the products were stripped of harsh, toxic ingredients. It surprised Kirsty that so many international and national baby skincare products were packed with chemicals, synthetic fillers and low-quality ingredients. In fact, over 75% of them still contain parabens, mineral oils and sulphates.

When Kirsty started researching the market, she also discovered that many skincare brands were marketing their products as 'organic' or 'natural' even though the products only had a very small percentage of 'organic' or 'natural' ingredients in them.

After this discovery, it became a natural decision for Kirsty to create Lullaby Skincare. The idea was to create a luxury brand for sensitive skin with high quality ingredients which was completely free of any nasties - a beautiful range of products that Kirsty and her children could benefit from but also a brand families could trust.

Kirsty began working on launching the brand, creating products and testing formulations, since she was pregnant with her first baby, Archie. She now has two babies (3 years and 1 years).

Kirsty has tried various popular Australian and international brands on both her babies and was always so surprised at how dry their skin had become. It was stripping moisture from their skin and actually doing more harm than good.

'Experts say up to 60% of what goes on your baby's skin is absorbed into their bloodstream within minutes. Everything that your baby does absorb through their skin has to be processed by their little livers. So why take your chances with any harmful toxins or low quality ingredients?'

I notice an immediate difference when I use the pure Lullaby products on their sensitive skin. Their skin is much softer and silkier. It's nourished and it glows!

Their skin smells divine too! I am also happy knowing that I am benefitting their skin for the future, not damaging it with harsh ingredients and chemicals. Even the sunscreen is hydrating and ultra-gentle - it doesn't dehydrate and strip the skin with harsh chemicals.

Lullaby is all about nurturing skin from the beginning. As a mother, I truly understand that we want the very best for our baby's. First and foremost, we will always be a brand families can trust.

Kirsty works alongside a highly skilled skin therapist called Mimi Gyergyak who has over 40 years of experience working in the skin health sector. Her valuable advice was to create Lullaby Skincare products with an organic Aloe Vera base - not simply water based like other skincare brands - which sets Lullaby Skincare apart from other skincare brands.

‘'In addition to using over 80% organic Aloe Vera as our base ingredient in our products, we use a high percentage of other wonderful organic and natural ingredients from Australia including Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and VitaminE. Just think how incredibly beneficial it is to have these fantastic vitamins on your skin!' states Kirsty.



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