Our Story

Lullaby Skincare is Australia’s luxury organic skincare brand for babies, children, and sensitive skin.

Our premium products are carefully formulated with an abundance of high-quality Australian ingredients which are non-irritating and ultra-gentle to nourish, protect and maintain the natural softness in delicate skin.

Healthy, functioning skin starts from birth. Lullaby believes in the importance of nurturing skin from the beginning. We are a brand families can trust.

Lullaby Skincare

‘When I was pregnant with my first child, I found it difficult to find a baby range which was extremely gentle, safe, effective and looked and smelt beautiful. I wanted to use high quality, natural ingredients on my baby’s sensitive skin and be sure the products did not include harsh or toxic ingredients.

It was a huge eye opener for me to discover how difficult it was to find luxury, natural and effective skincare for little ones. I discovered family and baby skincare brands were still using the same questionable ingredients, working with the same large contract manufacturers who haven’t changed their formulations in decades.

Lullaby Skincare

I could not understand why the most precious family member whose skin is defined as the most vulnerable, was not able to have the benefits of high quality, safe and innovative skincare products.

I was convinced other luxury ingredient-conscious shoppers would want the same for their children as they want for themselves, so I decided to create the Lullaby brand, a range of products that I would want to use on my children and a brand all families could trust.

I started working closely with our phenomenal dermatologist and skin health expert to formulate the core products that every family needs for their baby.


My mission to this day has been to ensure babies and children are safe, happy and nurtured with quality skincare.