Precious skin deserves a promise...

Healthy skin tends to be of great concern to adults, while in fact healthy skin is of greater importance to children, as skin damage begins in childhood.
Skin damage accumulates over a lifetime, beginning during infancy and building over childhood and adulthood. The cumulative effects of neglecting the skin result in serious diseases and disorders like skin cancer, functional impairment and severe degradation of a person's appearance.
Therefore, to best maintain healthy skin for life, skin maintenance should begin during childhood. 
The importance of zero toxins, nourishing ingredients and being 100% safe

A babies skin differs in structure from that of adults and changes over the course of childhood (See Baby Skin Facts below). Using adult products or products that are not formulated specifically for babies can be harmful to them. 
There certainly exists a need for improved skin care formulations for babies and children. Whilst using natural and/or organic products is ideal, remember that not all natural and/or organic ingredients are safe for children ie essential oils cross over the blood /brain barrier.
Many brands claim they are ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ but have a very small percentage of natural and organic ingredients in them – they use synthetic fillers as well.

Lullaby has been specifically formulated for babies with the prime objective of being safe by using the Highest quality, Tested, Pure, Gentle, Effective and Naturally derived active ingredients available. 

Lullaby uses premium Aloe Vera juice grown organically in Queensland, as a base (unlike most other skincare products, which are simply water based).
Each formulation consists of large quantities of additional high quality natural Australian ingredients, sustainably cultivated under optimal growing conditions to ensure their health and vitality. Our generous quantities of Avocado oil, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and Vitamin E help to nurture and protect delicate and tender skin.
All products are lightly and safely fragranced with a gorgeous scent - which adds a joyful experience to the benefits of their calming and soothing properties.
Baby skincare facts

A baby’s skin is 20-30% thinner and easily lose more water/moisture from their skin and more easily absorb toxins and irritants. 

Always use safe, high quality ingredients and appropriately formulated products to cleanse and protect your baby’s skin, such as Lullaby Calming Body Wash and Lullaby Heavenly Body Lotion.

A baby’s skin has a more fragile upper dermis (papilliary dermis) and a lowered immune system – which means their skin is more susceptible to damage by friction and the skin is more open to infection, especially when damaged.

Be sure to liberally apply a barrier ointment to baby's bot such as Lullaby Soothing Nappy Cream. This will reduce friction during cleansing and chafing from the nappy.  It will also form a barrier between the skin and the wet nappy, and protect the skin from fecal enzymes and bacteria.

A baby’s skin has less hair and babies sweat less – which means they have trouble regulating their temperature and are entirely dependent upon their caregivers for protection. This includes sun protection as babies are generally unable to communicate the symptoms of early sunburn. Remember that sustaining five or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime melanoma risk by 80 percent. Keep your baby out of extreme temperatures at all times and when outdoors, make sure any exposed parts of their body are always protected with a safe and effective sunscreen such as Lullaby Sunscreen for Delicate Skin SPF30.
The magic of Aloe Vera

There are many plants with interesting pharmaceutical activities but Aloe vera is probably the most applied medicinal plant worldwide. For centuries, Aloe has been used for treating skin disorders and for its conditioning and healing effect on skin.
Aloe Vera leaf juice is a pure, deep penetrating, fragrance and oil free natural moisturiser that provides all the nutrients; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, & amino acids, required for skin to function optimally. The benefits of using Aloe Vera in skin care are many and some are listed below.
Assists wound healing by stimulating cell regeneration
Anti-inflammatory by reducing redness, swelling, irritation
Anti-microbial by controlling infection and bacteria
Exfoliates by breaking down links between dead skin cells
Hydrates - Polysaccharide action increases water content in skin
Stimulates dermal fibroblasts - increases collagen and elastin
Reduces hyperpigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase
Detoxifies the skin by increasing blood and lymph circulation
Enhances the skin's immune system
Encourages skin renewal
    At Lullaby Skincare, we only use the highest quality Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice from selected plants grown organically and on renewable plantations in Southeast Queensland.
    The aloe vera juice is:
    Harvested fresh so that no chemicals are used to prevent decomposition of the leaves.
    Harvested only from 3 to 4 year old Aloe Barbadensis leaves which contain the optimum nutrients.
    Cold-pressed which means no heat is used during processing so that all ingredients are bio-active.
    Undiluted (no water added) to ensure the product maintains its synergistic healing properties.

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