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Mama Muse: Anna-Sophie Mungenast

This month we chat to Mama Muse, the gorgeous and talented Anna-Sophie Mungenast. Anna-Sophie is an international fashion model and creative producer who has worked with various brands such as The Gap, Guess, and Christopher Kane. She is fluent in English, German, and Russian and speaks beginner French and Italian. Anna-Sophie recently launched her creative agency, Leopard Studios, in London. She organises fashion shoots in fabulous locations around the world, which allows her to travel frequently. With her impressive background and experience in the fashion industry, Anna-Sophie is a rising star in the field of creative production. Scroll to read more...

How has motherhood changed your perspective on beauty and self-care?
Before, self-care was a major part of my life. I made sure to work out daily, treat myself to infrared sauna sessions, indulge in facials, savour delicious and nutritious food, and prioritise getting plenty of sleep. As a model, these practices were essential. Now that I have my precious little ones, my outlook has shifted in the sweetest way. If I manage to enjoy a healthy meal, grab 6-7 hours of sleep, and maybe even apply some body lotion after a shower, I consider it a huge win. Right now, I may not feel or look my absolute best, but seeing my babies bathed, creamed, dressed, cuddled, and entertained every day brings me so much happiness. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received about motherhood? Everything passes and nothing stays the same.

What is your favourite Lullaby Skincare product and why?
I am obsessed with the sunscreen. I use it on my own face and it’s honestly the most gentle I have found for babies, while giving real protection. 

What are your top tips for maintaining healthy and glowing skin as a busy mum? Drink loads of water! Apply hyaluronic acid under your daytime moisturiser and hyaluronic acid under an oil at night!

What is your favourite way to decompress after a long day? Red wine and lying on the sofa in the arms of my husband. 

What is your favourite place to be with your family? The beach or the mountains! The sea is the best entertainment for kids, and the mountains are full of adventures and fun things to do! 

What is the most rewarding part of being a mum? When the babies want to give kisses and cuddle. Feeling their love makes everything so worth it! 

How do you balance your career and motherhood? It’s difficult, as my job requires me to travel a lot. I am very selective now with my travels. At the same time, being a mum makes you more efficient, as your time is very precious and you manage to get a lot of work done in a very small amount of time! 

Follow Anna-Sophie on instagram here @annasophie_love

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