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We chat to Courtney McIntosh, Founder of THE INARRA

Welcome to an exclusive glimpse into the world of Courtney, the visionary founder behind THE INARRA. We chat to Courtney about the inspiration behind her innovative platform and her dedication to revolutionising the journey of modern motherhood. Discover her passion, commitment, and dreams that drive THE INARRA's mission to redefine the narrative of motherhood, one stylish step at a time...

Courtney, a big congratulations on launching THE INARRA! What inspired you to start such a wonderful business?
Thank you for your heartfelt congratulations on the launch of THE INARRA! The inception of THE INARRA was profoundly influenced by my personal experience during pregnancies with my two boys, Johnny (5) and Alfie (3). Balancing the demands of a corporate job, attending meetings and events while preserving my pre-pregnancy style during social engagements was a significant challenge. The existing 'maternity' clothing market didn't resonate with me, and investing in pieces exclusively for pregnancy seemed impractical. 

Navigating through various designers and brands to find suitable pregnancy wear was time-consuming, especially while working full-time. This struggle ignited the idea of creating a platform that addresses the unique needs of modern mothers seamlessly. THE INARRA emerged as a solution to bridge the gap in the market, providing not just pregnancy-friendly fashion but also curating lifestyle and parenting content that resonates with the contemporary woman. Over nearly two and a half years of ideation and strategic planning, THE INARRA evolved into a platform that redefines pregnancy dressing, offering a one-stop solution for women seeking both style and relatable content.

What makes THE INARRA unique?
THE INARRA stands out as a premium online shopping and lifestyle publication with an exclusive dedication to the modern mother. What sets THE INARRA apart is its holistic approach, catering to women at every significant stage of their motherhood journey—be it during the prenatal phase, throughout pregnancy, postpartum, or for those well into their established roles as mothers. Beyond being a platform, THE INARRA is a beacon of support for the multifaceted journey of motherhood, blending practicality with a touch of style. By offering curated content and a shopping experience tailored to the evolving needs and preferences of modern mothers, THE INARRA redefines the paradigm of motherhood-centric platforms.

One key aspect that renders THE INARRA truly unique is its unwavering commitment to supporting the journey of motherhood in style. It goes beyond conventional notions of motherhood, presenting a space where women can find not only essential lifestyle insights but also come to feel inspired and empowered. This is something I am really proud of. In essence, THE INARRA is more than a publication; it is a companion that recognises and celebrates the distinct experiences of modern mothers. Through a blend of premium content and curated shopping, The Inarra strives to redefine the narrative of motherhood, empowering women to navigate their journey with confidence and style.

What is the overall mission of THE INARRA ?
The overarching mission of THE INARRA is to revolutionise the content consumption experience for modern mothers and mothers-to-be. Our goal is to offer an inspiring and empowering platform that seamlessly integrates curated shopping and lifestyle content, providing a time-efficient and enriching experience for our community. At THE INARRA, we envision a space where every aspect of motherhood is celebrated, and women can access not only stylish solutions but also a source of inspiration and empowerment as they navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Why did you choose to stock Lullaby Skincare products?
The decision to feature Lullaby Skincare products at THE INARRA stems from a shared ethos of style and quality. For me, there was no second-guessing this decision. Lullaby Skincare's premium product offerings align seamlessly with THE INARRA's commitment to delivering a premium publication that transcends conventional standards. Both brands share a dedication to excellence, ensuring that our audience receives not only stylish solutions but also access to high-quality Australian products that enhance their overall lifestyle experience. Kirsty’s commitment to this is unparalleled and as I have had the privilege to get to know her over the past few months, this is something that is so clear in her vision. It is this common commitment to style and premium quality that makes Lullaby Skincare a natural and valued addition to THE INARRA's curated selection.

What do you love most about Lullaby Skincare products?
What I love about Lullaby Skincare products is their dedication to using high-quality Australian ingredients. These elements, carefully sourced, are not only of superior quality but are also chosen for their non-irritating and ultra-gentle properties. Lullaby Skincare products go beyond conventional skincare, offering a nourishing and protective experience that is especially vital for delicate baby skin.

Do you have a favourite Lullaby product you enjoy using on your little ones and / or yourself! ?
Yes! Definitely the SPF50+ for Sensitive Skin. Being a family who loves to spend time at the beach in Summer, the SPF is vital in our Summer routine. However, I have very fair skin so I am trying to get the kids into the habit of applying sunscreen everyday of the year, no matter the weather. So the SPF has become a daily ritual in our household.

With summer around the corner, what are three brands you will be using on rotate? Fashion for Summer in Australia to me represents easy wear that is relaxed yet elevated enough to go from the beach to a casual balmy dinner. My swimwear go-to is FELLA Swim - their swimwear cuts and use of fabrics and colours are so flattering! A beach coverup go-to would be from Matteau, Venroy or SIR. Solaqua have also just launched a beautiful new collection for more elevated suited pieces and you can’t go past YSSO for a statement earring to finish the look off! Sorry, that was more than three!

Do you have a favourite Australian designer? Choosing just one favorite Australian designer is a challenge, but if I had to pick one, it would be SIR. What makes this brand incredibly special to me is not only its versatile and quintessentially Australian designs but also the inspiring journey of its creators, Nikki Campbell and Sophie Coote. They are not just designers but also two of my closest friends, and witnessing their evolution from humble beginnings to the impactful brand they've created today is truly awe-inspiring. SIR's designs resonate with me on a personal level, capturing the essence of Australian style with a versatility that aligns seamlessly with various aspects of my life. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the brand symbolises the power of passion and hard work, a sentiment I am fortunate to experience within my friendship circle. Surrounded by these incredible, determined women, including Nikki and Sophie, I am continuously motivated to believe that anything is possible. It's a testament to the impact that passionate and hardworking individuals can have, not just in the fashion world but in inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of THE INARRA ?
My aspirations for the future of THE INARRA are boundless. I envision THE INARRA as a globally recognised name, resonating with women from all corners of the world. Beyond being a publication, I see THE INARRA evolving into a powerful storytelling platform that goes beyond conventional boundaries. I aim to push the limits of inspiration within the fashion content we offer, creating a space where women not only find curated solutions but also connect with narratives that inspire, empower, and celebrate the diverse facets of modern womanhood. As we continue to grow, my dream is for THE INARRA to be more than just a brand; I want it to be a community, a source of inspiration, and a guiding light for women navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood and beyond.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses?
Absolutely! For aspiring entrepreneurs embarking on their own business ventures, my advice would be to embrace the journey with authenticity and resilience. Begin with a deep understanding of your passion and purpose; let that be the driving force behind your venture. Stay true to your vision while remaining adaptable to the dynamic nature of starting a business. Building a network of support is also vital—surround yourself with mentors, advisors, and like-minded individuals who can offer guidance and insights. Learn from both successes and setbacks; each experience is a valuable lesson that contributes to your growth. Flexibility is key; be open to refining your ideas and strategies based on market feedback, or feedback from friends and family. Embrace challenges as opportunities for innovation and improvement.

I quickly learned that an initial idea might pivot once or twice into something you never thought of. Having an open mind is crucial. Additionally, prioritise self-care; maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential. As women, the first thing to usually slip away when we get ‘busy’ is our self-care and this can be incredibly detrimental in the long run. Remember, starting a business is a continuous learning process and should also be a fun ride. The hardest part is acting on a thought so stay passionate, stay resilient, and always believe in the value your business brings to the world.

For more details about THE INARRA, visit and follow on instagram here @theinarra

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