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We chat with Bernadette Fahey, Founder of Body By Berner Pilates Studio

Pilates is undoubtedly a versatile and empowering exercise routine, offering a wide range of benefits for women at all stages of life. We sat down with Bernadette Fahey, founder/owner of Body By Berner pilates studio which specialises in classes tailored for expectant and new mothers, offering a safe and effective workout routine throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey...

Bernadette’s expertise and dedication has created a supportive and inclusive space for expectant and new mothers. With specialised classes and personalised modifications, she's helping women stay active, confident, and healthy throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Whether you're a mum-to-be or planning for the future, pilates might just be the key to unlocking a stronger, more resilient you.

Read on as we delve into the benefits of prenatal Pilates, modifications for pregnant women, and the advantages of staying active during and after pregnancy.

Hi Bernadette, we love your pilates classes. Tell us, can you pilates while you're pregnant?
Bernadette: Absolutely! Pilates is an exercise routine that you can safely continue throughout your entire pregnancy. In fact, it is the recommended form of exercise for prenatal and postnatal women.

That's great to know. Are there any modifications that you make to the exercises for pregnant women?
Bernadette: Yes, certain modifications are necessary for a safe workout. For example, exercises involving spinal flexion, like abdominal curls, are not recommended during pregnancy as they put excessive pressure on the womb and shorten the waist. We focus on exercises that help lengthen the waist instead.

Do you have specific classes for pregnant women?

Bernadette: Indeed, we offer a variety of classes suited for prenatal clients. We have a signature burn class, which is open to all levels and is suitable for pregnant women. Additionally, we have specialised classes like Burn Baby Burn, Yoga Bump Burn, and Prenatal Burn catering to different stages of pregnancy. 

What are the advantages of doing Pilates during pregnancy?
Bernadette: Pilates offers numerous benefits during pregnancy. It strengthens the pelvic floor, which is crucial for postpartum recovery. It also teaches you how to drop and lift, essential for labor and delivery. The breathwork in Pilates helps strengthen the core, important for both natural and cesarean births. Overall, it improves mental wellness, supports the growing bump, and alleviates low back pain.

It sounds like Pilates plays a vital role in preparing for childbirth. Does it help after giving birth as well?
Bernadette: Absolutely. Once you're cleared by your doctor, typically around six weeks postpartum without complications, Pilates becomes highly recommended. It aids in postpartum recovery by strengthening the abdominal wall and the entire body, helping you regain your pre-baby shape. That's great news for new mums!

But what about women who aren't pregnant? Are there advantages to doing Pilates if they plan to have a baby in the future?

Bernadette: Yes, definitely. Pilates is a fantastic exercise for women, regardless of their pregnancy plans. It involves gentle weight-bearing exercises that create long, lean muscles, which many women aspire to achieve. Staying in shape through Pilates can also contribute to overall health and well-being.

How often do you recommend doing Pilates to see the best results?
Bernadette: The frequency of Pilates sessions depends on individual goals and lifestyle. Some clients see results with just one session per week, but the sweet spot is usually three to four times a week, combined with light cardio exercises like walking or jogging.

Now, let's talk about your Bern Baby Bern Classes. What's the advantage of having the baby present during the workout?
Bernadette: Having the baby present in the class offers multiple benefits. For mothers who don't have access to childcare, it allows them to exercise without any worries. It also becomes a social experience where they meet other moms and babies, preventing isolation. Additionally, it helps the babies to socialise and creates a sense of normalcy in their daily routines. We love that. It really makes fitness more accessible for new mums.

Lastly, how often do you hold the mums and bubs classes?
Bernadette: Currently, we have mums and bubs classes on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 AM. However, we're continuously expanding our schedule to accommodate more clients.

Finally, what do you love about Lullaby?
Bernadette: I love Lullaby skincare and how your incredible products are not only safe for your baby but also works wonders on your own skin. Every item feels incredibly luxurious, but my absolute favourite has to be the sunscreen. It's lightweight and offers superb protection. Just love it!

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