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Mama Muse: Erin from


We are so excited to announce our newest mama muse, Erin. Erin's beautiful daughter Luella, has a rare type of epilepsy called West syndrome, meaning the 10-month-old has hundreds of tiny seizures a day. She is raising awareness for West Syndrome, searching for a cure and being the best mum a little girl could ask for - all at once...

How would you best describe yourself?
If I am being honest I find myself back at the drawing board on this one. A lot has changed in my life since having a baby, and the transition of self is one that’s still evolving for me. Soul searching if you like. But overall I would describe myself as a strong minded woman and am fiercely protective of those I love most. Having a child with special needs has changed me so much, so I’m still working out, and on, who I am now.

What are three things you love most about being a mumma?
If you had asked me this 12months ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to answer. Motherhood hasn’t been anything like I expected or hoped for. But with a now somewhat clearer mind, I can share that firstly it’s the innate connection I have with my daughter, that is just ours. We have a bond that is unbreakable. Second, it’s the way Luella smiles at me. It simply lights up my world, even on our darkest days. And thirdly, is bath time. I always get in the bath with her, and in doing so it’s almost like a healing time together. I feel privileged to be able to wash her and cleanse the day away. It’s our beautiful time together.

What are three things that inspire you everyday?
Luella, Luella & Luella. She gives me the perseverance & purpose to get through each day. I don’t know how, but she emanates an energy like no one I know. She makes me want to be a better person & mother. What have been the best lessons your little one has taught you so far? Gosh, so many! She has solidified why I have always been a fairly strong-willed woman, which is finally serving me, so that I can advocate hard for her and get through the tough times ahead. But she has also taught, and is still teaching me, a love & respect of what is. Life doesn’t always turn out as you expect, but keeping the love alive is imperative, and a surrendering to the now helps to bring somewhat of an internal peace.

What is your favourite Lullaby product and why?
I absolutely love the Lullaby Heavenly Body Lotion, it leaves Luella smelling absolutely divine and gives me huge peace of mind that it is organic and doesn’t contain any nasties. Luella can react to other products, but the avocado & jojoba oil has left her soft & hydrated. Massaging this into her skin is my favourite end to bath time with her.

Any valuable advice to new mummas?
The nights are long, but the years are short. So hold your bebe close, there is no such thing as too many cuddles. Always tell your child how much you love them. But most importantly, always listen to your gut instinct. Bond between mother and child is unparalleled, and no matter what anyone tells you, your intuition will always guide you.

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