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Mama Muse: Ida Almasi From Onde Daily

Ida Almasi is the founder of a new supplement called Ode Daily, co-founder of the stunning retreat called SOMA Byron and a new mumma to her precious little girl. Ida lives with her family in Byron Bay.


  1. How would you best describe yourself?

 Besides being a mumma, I’m a big lover of people and their journeys. I’m big on learning, follower of my heart, an Aquarius, lefty, co-owner of a retreat space in Byron called Soma and founder of supplement for plant based lifestyles called Ode Daily. 


  1. What are three things you love most about being a mumma?

Oh so much more than three! But if I had to choose: watching my little one change every day, when she holds on to my finger and doesn’t let go (melts me!) and being in an amazing tribe of woman that have given life!


  1. What are three things that inspire you everyday?

Music! It completely uplifts me no matter what my mood. I love living in Byron Bay with an inspiring community that gives a crap! And my businesses, I’m always growing and learning every step of the way. 


  1. What have been the best lessons your little one has taught you so far?

To throw expectations out the window and just go with whatever the day throws at us. I love the unpredictability of every day and how different everything is. Control has completely been relinquished and there is a little 5 month old in charge now!


  1. What is your favourite Lullaby product and why?

I love the baby lotion! It smells so yummy and I have been using it on myself too. So wonderful for my little one after a bath. 


  1. Any valuable advice to new mummas?

Be present. It’s so hard when you have a million things running in your mind. But let it all go. Your baby won’t be a baby for long so you need to cherish every single moment while you can. 

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